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International students visited Museum of Cantonese Opera Art

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On March 5, 2021, School of Finance and Trade and School of Management jointly organized a visit to Museum of Cantonese Opera Art for the international students of Grade 2020.

Museum of Cantonese Opera Art is a Chinese garden museum with Lingnan style and the characteristics of the water town. It focuses on the art of Cantonese opera and Lingnan culture in Guangdong.In the museum, the ancient buildings in Lingnan garden style, costumes, musical instruments and red boat models in the exhibition hall had aroused the strong interest of international students in Lingnan culture. They stayed beside the interpreter and listened carefully, trying not to miss anything.

This visit is one of the series of cultural experience activities for international students. By visiting museums of history and culture in Guangzhou, international students can learn about Lingnan culture and experience the life in Guangdong. They can start their journey of knowing China, making friendship with Chinese, and enjoying living in China from the subtle aspects.