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Visit and Experience in Guangzhou

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School ofFinance and Trade organized international students majoring in international economics and trade to visit Guangzhou Museum and Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall in May 30th, 2019.

Guangzhou Museum is located in Zhenhai Building, Yuexiu Park. It is a comprehensive historical museum with local characteristics. There are nearly a thousand cultural relics in the museum, which aroused students' interest. Students walked from the first floor to the fifth floor, while carefully reading the descriptions of each piece and occasionally asking questions of the accompanying teachers.

Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall is an important place for large gatherings and performances. It witnessed many historical events in Guangzhou. Students took out their mobile phones and took photos with the statue of Dr. Sun yat-sen. Besides, they walked into the performance hall to visit this majestic building.

After visit, students showed that the gains were huge for them. This historical and cultural experience not only gave them a deeper understanding of Guangzhou, the ancient capital of thousands of years, but also enhanced their keen interest in learning Chinese culture.